FINISHED Treasure Hunt Tuesday

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    Treasure Hunt Tuesday
    Hello survivors!
    I know most of you are busy with March Madness this month, but that doesn't mean you can earn a bit of Spirobucks on the side <3.

    So here's the community organized event: Treasure Hunt Tuesday

    What do you need to do?
    • Try to find clues I've hidden around all the realms.
    • You can do this solo or as a group. (If you do this in a group, the "leader" of this group has to inform down below with whom they are doing this to keep it fair.)
    • You have 24 hours from when this post goes up to try to find the final task.
    • Please don't discuss what you've found with anyone (exceptions are if you solve it with a group, you can only share with people in said group).
    • Take a screenshot of all the hints to show that you didn't skip any one of them.
    • If I find out that you leaked information about hints or other stuff, you are disqualified, together with who you gave the information to and worked together with!
    • 1st place: 5m on any realm of your choice.
    • 2nd place: 4m on any realm of your choice.
    • 3th place: 3m on any realm of your choice.
    • 4th place: 2m on any realm of your choice.
    • 5th place: 1m on any realm of your choice.
    Thank you Wolf, Marcus, MorZone, JustSkillezZ and Zeus for donating to get the prizes <3!
    Please note: if you solve it as a group, the prize money will be split across all participants by the "leader"! This same leader will get the money once the event is over!

    Your first clue is: Red realm with coords being around x = 44000 and z = -7000 (With being around meaning anywhere from 43000 to 45000 and -6000 to -8000)
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