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    Jan 13, 2020
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    Hey all! A bit late to writing this, but might as well do so now. I am 19 years old, My ign is TitanofNyx, and I currently play exclusively on yellow, though that may change over time. I joined about two months ago now, and am a custom rank now.

    General Information: I absolutely love dogs, soccer, and anime (favorite shows tokyo ghoul, akame ga kill, attack on titan, and RWBY). I originally started playing minecraft when steve still made the ooh sound when landing, so whenever that was. I took a break for a couple years when I got tired of surviving, but came back a couple years ago. Since then, I discovered that building nice things is a lot of fun, and have been doing that much more. On my last server I had a build team which collaborated on giant builds, two members of which actually got builder positions on the server. I am trying to get a similar group started here, so please let me know if you are interested in that. Other than that there's not too much to know. I enjoy helping people so if you have any questions or need anything just let me know! :D

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