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    Hello survivors and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

    In honor of Thanksgiving, this weekend you'll have a chance to do an interactive Thanksgiving quest![​IMG]
    Head over to the back of spawn with an empty inventory and enter the portal into Vestrull.
    Talk to Ferron and select the holiday Quest! (You'll receive a new collector's item upon completion).

    2x Spirobucks
    50x XP

    Let's not forget about BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY!
    Starting tomorrow lasting through Monday there will be a 50% storewide sale
    On top of that, we will be bringing back Legacy Keys. Here's your chance to pick up some really awesome collector's items!
    We will also be debuting Mystery Key Bundles - Purchase a mystery key and find out what you've got!
    Mystery key bundles will include a chance for: Master, Fun, Mythical, Specialty, and Legacy keys! What will you get?

    We hope you have fun Surviving With Us this turkey weekend!


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