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    Hello survivors!

    Today is a day of remembrance of those who paid the ultimate price while serving in the United States Armed Forces. For countless families across the nation, Memorial Day is a stark and often painful reminder of those who were never afforded the opportunity to be honored as veterans for their service to our country. Please join us as we recognize and honor those who weren’t able to make it home.

    To commemorate this special holiday, we have made a special task. At the end of this task, you will receive two collectible items, $250,000, 1 Fun Key, 1 Mythical Key, & 3 Master Keys!

    We need you to scour the lands in search of 3 flowers: 1 Poppy, 1 Lily, & 1 Cornflower. Combine the 3 flowers in a crafting table to complete the bouquet. The flowers must be in order (left to right at the top of the crafting table) of RED WHITE & BLUE for you to receive the bouquet. Place 100 bouquets in your garden to complete this task.

    50% off sale for Memorial day only.
    Legacy keys will be available on the store.

    2x Spirobucks
    50x XP

    We hope you have fun Surviving With Us this weekend!


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