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    Happy Halloween Weekend Survivors!

    We have a lot of sweet treats in store for you this weekend!
    Halloween weekend is starting early this year.
    We have different activities planned throughout the weekend so make sure you're on!

    Sunday, October 31, 2021 12:00 AM through 11:59 PM EST

    Ghostly Armor!
    Log in Sunday, October 31, 2021, and complete the task that will appear in your inventory!
    Once the task is completed, you'll receive the Ghostly Armor set! This includes Purple Realm!
    If your inventory is full the task will be dropped on the ground beside you. It's best to ensure you have at least 1 available space in your inventory for the start of Sunday's activities!

    SWU will be hosting our own trick or treating adventures!
    On Halloween (only) make sure to break cobwebs with your swords to see if you'll get a trick or treat!
    Our treats range from items to personal boosts to a Halloween themed specialty spawner!
    SWU will also be giving away a key just for logging in on Halloween!

    Halloween Word Scramble!
    Pay attention to chat to compete against other players in your realm!
    First person to solve the Halloween themed scramble and correctly type the word wins the round.

    Don't Forget about The Donation Store!
    Don't forget to grab your updated Halloween goodie crate!
    This Halloween crate features a fun new item!
    The 50% off store wide sale continues until 11:59 PM EST!

    3x Spirobucks
    50x XP


    The end reset will now be taking place Tuesday, November 2, 2021 12:00 AM EST (after Monday night's daily restart).

    Top Monthly Voter!
    Please watch the announcements channel tomorrow evening to find out October's results!
    Don't forget: Voting tomorrow will count towards November's competition!​

    Don't forget to check back tomorrow for our next spooky weekend announcement!


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