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    Hey Survivors! Shaheer and I are hosting a new upcoming event!


    Do you have what it takes to get to the top? If you think you do, come test your PVP skills in our new event! This is a tournament style event, and a SWU first! We hope to see you all there!

    Leave a comment below to sign-up!
    Let us know if your IGN is different than your forum name and which events you will be participating in!
    (You can join in one or both, just let us know!)

    We will holding the event twice:

    July 6th, 7pm EST

    July 14th, 11am EST

    Much like our Ice Boat racing, we will be using tournament style, and rounds will be best of 1, with a best of 3 final.


    -You MUST enter with an empty inventory. You will all be given equal gear to keep it balanced!
    -Absolutely no commands! (/fly, /backpack, tp’ing away).
    -You must be ready to go when you are called on!
    -You must have a forums account, as you need one to sign up!
    -Do NOT leave or enter the arena without permission!
    -Last one living wins!


    You will all be given the following when it is your turn to fight.

    Protection 3 diamond armor
    Sharpness 3 sword
    Power 3 bow with 32 arrows

    16 steak

    We have left gear less than optimal to make fights faster-paced, and more intense. We have given limited food for the same reason.


    1st - 1st Place Badge, $5m, 20 Boss Keys, 5 Survivor Keys, 5 Mob Spawner Keys, and $20 Store Credit

    2nd - 2nd Place Badge, $2.5m, 15 Boss Keys, 3 Survivor Keys, 3 Mob Spawner Keys, and $15 Store Credit

    3rd - 3rd Place Badge, $1m, 10 Boss Keys, 1 Survivor Key, 1 Mob Spawner Key, and $10 Store Credit


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