FINISHED SWU Hide and go Seek

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    SWU Hide and Go Seek!!!!
    Evening survivors! Its been awhile since we hosted an event huh? Lets kick off this year with a fun one!! On (1/9/2021) I will be hosting multiple games of Hide and Go Seek!

    Event Details
    Players will be given a leather helmet prior to the start of the event, players will wear this helmet before going out and hiding. Players will have 5 min to hide, once 5 min has passed, staff members will begin seeking the players, staff members are equipped with the Finding Stick™, once players are hit with the Finding Stick™ they are out. If you manage to not be found after 20min you win the round! If you are caught and hit with the Finding Stick™ you may not enter the arena again until the next round.

    Each player not found after 20min will win the following
    Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Orange realm
    3,000,000 Spriobucks and their choice of a Mythical or FUN Crate Key
    Purple Realm
    1 Timber Axe and 64 Netherite Ingots

    Hide and Go Seek will talk place on /warp event on /Red Realm

    The event will be held on 1/9/2021 at the following times

    3:00pm EST
    4:00pm EST
    1:00am (1/10/2021) EST
    2:00am (1/10/2021) EST

    *Cheating will result in a 3 day ban*
    1. Players must stay in the arena at all times until killed
    2. Players must be wearing their leather helmet at all times
    3. Players who are killed must either leave the event or watch from /warp spectator
    4. No killing in the spectator stands
    5. You MUST Stay on the main island, no touchy touchy the water
    6. Remove all Armor, you can only wear the cap given for the event
    7. No /fly
    8. No /tpa
    9. No E-Pearls/Elytras
    10. Nothing that provides an unfair advantage over others
    11. Please stay above ground in the intended arena <3

    No Sign up needed, Show up at the correct time and receive a hider's cap to participate
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