SurviveWithUs November Update!

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    Hello Survivors!

    We've been hard at work creating a big update for November, packed full of new content!

    In this update, you'll find a new realm, a new spawn, a new crate, a way to monitor any XP or Money boosts that are active, and a new Mob Arena game!

    Let's talk about the new Spawn! You suggested and we listened! This new spawn has many new features.

    First, Top Map Art! Do you have Map Art that you would like displayed in a public setting? We now have a new area for it!

    Second, a newly designed player made Warp area! This new area can accommodate tons of new warps.

    Third, crates! We now have a new area to open and explore all of the crates in one location!

    Fourth, Player shops and Token shops! Simply click on the villagers to explore all the shops have to offer!

    Finally, we get to the Drop Parties! We now have a dedicated area for events! Join your friends and pick up some really cool loot at these special events! The new spawn will bring new adventure to our survivors and cool places to hang out.

    Oh did we mention a brand new challenge? Introducing the MOB ARENA! Battle against waves of zombies! Take them on by yourself or bring a friend! The waves will start off slow and slowly progress. Do you have what it takes to get to the top of the leaderboard?

    YELLOW REALM: This realm is exactly like Blue, Red, and Green, but is targeted for newer players and will be labeled as the new "Recommended" realm in the hub.

    MYTHICAL CRATE: This new premium crate contains special items that give you unique perks while they’re in your inventory!
    • Mythical Book> Once in your inventory, you will either receive 2x EXP Multiplier or 10x EXP Multiplier!

    • Mythical Feather> Having this item in your inventory prevents fall damage!

    • Mythical Apple> Having this in your inventory stops you from losing hunger!

    • Mythical Rabbit’s Foot> Having this item in your inventory doubles the amount of Survival Tokens you gain!

    • Mythical Coin> Once in your inventory, you will either receive 2x Money Multiplier or 3x Money Multiplier!
    BOOSTS: Have you ever wondered how much time was left on your Double XP boost? Or how much of a boost you currently have? You can now type /boosts to open up a brand new screen which will tell you exactly what boosts are active and how long they’re active for!

    MOB ARENA: This new area will allow you to fight waves of zombies with yourself or with friends. Earn points you can use in our new Points Shop. Do you have what it takes to get first place on the leaderboard? Grab a friend and test your smite!

    Coming November 9th!
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    yv will be the very best at mob arena
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    Jul 14, 2019
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    maddox will try to do somewhat good at mob arena
  4. Pixeldefender

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    Mar 18, 2019
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    i will try to get every player online to the mob arena :)
    we will not die
  5. Stock

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    Jun 3, 2019
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    yv will be the very best at mob arena
  6. GetBanned

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    Mar 15, 2019
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    getbaned will be yv's teammate for mob arena
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