SurviveWithUs 4th Anniversary Extravaganza!

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    This Tuesday, August 9, 2022, is pretty special for SWU, it's our 4 Year Anniversary! Where has the time gone!?

    Since our anniversary is on Tuesday, we will be having a 3-Day long SWU Anniversary Holiday Weekend! (Sun - 8/7, Mon - 8/8, Tues 8/9).

    We started with a small community, but with your dedicated support, we were able to grow into what we are today. Without your loyalty to SWU we could not have made it to where we are today. We would like to thank each and every survivor for helping make SWU the best server and community around. Here's to another year of fun, laughter, and great SWU memories with many more to come!

    Here is the list of events that will be going on:

    The weekend event activities that are currently happening will CONTINUE until the end of the day on Tuesday! (Check the announcement in Discord for that)

    When fishing this weekend you'll have a chance to catch Ninja AND Dolphin Armor! (Except on Purple)
    Auto clickers are still considered hacks - anyone caught using an auto clicker to AFK fish will be banned immediately.
    This means you'll have to fish the old-fashioned way. We will not be accepting signs saying "I'm not using an auto clicker" or "I'm not AFK" or anything related to that. You have to be online and present or risk being banned for hacking.

    Angry Skeletons!
    Monday only, killing skeletons will give you a chance of receiving a random piece of the Angry set!
    This applies to every skeleton that's spawned, and the cause of death does not matter. ALL pieces (including the sword) can be obtained. This will not be obtainable on Purple.

    Collectible Item & Group Picture!
    Log on Tuesday to obtain a special commemorative 4th Anniversary Item! Tuesday @ 5:00 PM EST we will be having a group picture in HUB (maybe some special activities after ;))! Come immortalize yourself in SWU history!

    No, we didn't forget about the store, and neither should you! It's because of all the generous donors that we've been able to stay online for such a long time! Here's what's happening for the duration of our anniversary extravaganza:
    - 50% OFF Sale
    - Legacy Keys In Stock
    - Legacy Egg Keys In Stock
    - Realm Wide Key Drop In Stock
    - Buy any rank or rank upgrade and receive a FREE mystery key bundle with your new rank*

    Thank you all for being a part of SWU and making it one of the best servers that Minecraft has to offer!

    *DISCLAIMER: This promotion is meant for new players that don't have ranks or players that are upgrading their current rank. If you already have a rank and buy a lower rank in order to get the free keys, it will not work.
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