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    Our shops' system might seem intimidating at first, but after reading this guide, you'll be a pro!

    Buying from and selling to other player's shops
    After using the /shops command, you'll be faced with an interface screen containing three buttons: One to view all of the items for sale, one to view all of the items being bought,
    and the last button is to create your own shop.

    If you click on the "View all Items For Sale" button, you'll get a list of all of the items currently being sold. If you click on one of those items, you'll see the players selling it,
    with information for how many of that item they're selling, and at what price.

    After you select which player you would like to buy the item from, you have three option: Purchase 1, 32, or 64. When you purchase an item, the money for it will be taken from your
    player's balance (balance).

    The "View all Items Being Bought" works similarly, except that you are now selling your items to the player instead of buying from them.

    Important note about how your balance works: Your *player* has a balance, while at the same time your shop will act as a sort of bank. Items that you buy/sell from players using the two options from the Main Menu will use your player's balance. Items that players buy from/sell to your shop will use your shop's balance.
    Keep in mind that at any point you can withdraw from and add to your shop's balance.

    Managing your shop
    Clicking on the "Create your own shop" button will allow you to create your own shop. After that, you'll see a bunch of different buttons. One to manage your shop's money, two for buying/selling items, a button to manage your shop's inventory, and a button to manage shop information. Keep in mind: You don't need your own shop in order to interact with other players' shops!

    Clicking on the "Money" button will allow you to deposit and withdraw money to and from your player's balance to your shop's balance.

    Clicking on the "Post Sell Offer" button will bring you to a new screen. On this screen, you can configure an item for sale. The first step would be to click an item from your inventory, that will tell the shop that you're going to be selling that item.
    Next, you can click the "Amount to sell" button, after you do that, you'll get a prompt in chat asking you how many.
    When you see the prompt, type in chat like you normally would the number of items that you want to sell, making sure that you have enough. The "Set Price Per Item" button works similarly, you're entering the price-per-item of what you want to sell.
    When you're all done, hit the Confirm button to finish. Players will now be able to buy that item from your shop!

    Clicking on the "Post Buy Offer" button works nearly identically, with an added button for you to input the item ID of an item that you want to buy, but don't currently have.
    You can find a list of IDs here:

    In the "Shop Information" window, you can check the status of your shop, change the status of your shop, upgrade your shop, and downgrade your shop.
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