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    Getting started!

    Upon joining SurviveWithUs, you're more than likely bound to experience a swarm of welcomes directed towards you from our beloved community. Rest assured, as this is a classic tradition among us, as we're invested in providing you a truly unique experience!

    In-game prompts will guide you towards your journey, but here are some things to keep note of!

    Our rules and guidelines!

    • Please take a look at them! They're to ensure a quality experience for you as well as all of the others around! You can check them out here!
    Finding a place to call home!
    • You're able to randomly teleport to find an ideal place to call home. As a new player, you're able to infinitely use the portal at spawn for extra RTPs for your first 6 hours of active playtime!
    • Upon finding a place you'd like to call home, you can do /sethome <home name> in order to use your first of three homes, providing as a personal warp that instantly teleports you home!
      • Premium ranks and bundles can increase the number of homes you can get, which can be accessible in-game through /buy!
      • Or earn more as you play with our in game playtime ranks!
    Home, sweet home!

    • We feature a comprehensive, yet incredibly simple command/menu based claiming system to ensure that you and your property is safely guarded and managed, worry-free!
      • /claim - Claims a chunk (16x256x16) in size. As a new player, you start off with 5 claim chunks, and you passively get a claim chunk every 30 minutes of active playtime!
      • /claimtoggle - Allows you to mass claim large areas just by running around! This will automatically stop after 30 seconds.
      • /viewclaims - Shows you the perimeter of your claim, through particle borders!
      • /claims - Pulls up a menu that organizes your claims by name, coordinates, messages, and features in-depth claim management by providing you with configurable settings!
      • /trust and /untrust - This will allow you to either /trust <player> or /untrust <player> from the claim you are standing in without having to go to the full menu!
    Settling in!

    • If you want to stay in tune with our community, we'd love to see you stop by our Discord! It's a surefire way of keeping yourself in the loop and have access to all sorts of useful information!
    • We also have a Reddit page and a Twitter page that release sneak peaks of upcoming features that we are working on before they are released to discord!
    Rank progression!

    • Wonder how to go about rising in the ranks, and what comes along with them? Take a look here!
    Our economy and more!

    Fueled by SpiroBucks, our in-game currency!

    • /shop - Completely player-managed and driven, it is the go-to for buying and selling goods! You're able to set up shop within the menu, too!
      • If anything seems confusing to you in regards to how to fully utilize shops, we have a comprehensive guide here!
    • /crate - Featuring a total of 7 crates, you're able to reap money, gear, tools, weaponry, and much more through obtaining crate keys! Simple tasks such as voting and logging in daily can score you crate keys, completing quests and challenges, as well as gambling away at our money crate
      • Keep in mind, these keys are virtual, and you're only able to use them within the /crate menu!
      • Keys are not transferable between realms.

    • As a new player, there are player-made warps that you can take advantage of to make your life that much easier!
      • Accessible through signs in spawn, or through the /warp command, lies warps such as public mob farms, crop farms, and more!
    External sources!

    There's a handful of helpful links out there that can help keep you updated, and engaged here, at SurviveWithUs! From our discord, website, suggestions page, and staff applications page!

    Still curious? There's more!

    • We feature a growing FAQ list, which is also inclusive of all sorts of interesting and useful information! You can check out the whole list, here!
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