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    SurviveWithUs Server Rules
    In this thread, you will find the official rules of SurviveWithUs. If you are a player on our server, we expect you to follow these rules whether you're on the server, forums, or discord. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in punishments, whether it be in the form of a mute/kick or in severe cases, a ban.

    We reserve the right to modify these rules and guidelines at the staff's discretion, even without direct prompting of such. These rules and guidelines, as well as any modifications, are effective immediately upon the public posting of them. It is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with these modifications as the time arises, and by participating here in SWU, you agree to understanding, acknowledging, and conforming to said rules/guidelines.

    • Client Modifications
      • Allowed → Client mods that do not give you an unfair advantage, such as minimaps, OptiFine, and other purely aesthetic mods.
      • Disallowed → All other client modifications (such as fly, jump, speed, x-ray, auto clickers, etc.) should be considered against the rules.
        • If you're caught using illegal mods, you will either be warned or banned, depending on the circumstances.
        • Please see the acceptable client modifications page for more details on what is allowed/disallowed.
    • Griefing
      • Allowed You are allowed (But strongly discouraged) to grief abandoned or unclaimed bases with no apparent owner.
      • Disallowed Griefing a claimed base whether you are trusted or not. (Example: You convince a player to trust you, wait for them to leave, then raid/grief - or get invited into a community and the grief them when they are offline - etc.).
        • Be confident when trusting people because staff won't interfere If your base mate steals/raids your base and leaves.
      • Disallowed Claim blocking. This means you can't claim outside of a player's base/claim without their explicit permission. Building near a player's base with the intention to be malicious or disruptive is also a punishable offense upon staff discretion.
    • Advertising
      • Allowed You are allowed to advertise recording/streaming on SurviveWithUs.
      • Disallowed It is strictly forbidden to advertise another server or mention another server name. It is also forbidden to put another server's IP in the chat at any time, whether it be through messages or signs or other indirect methods. This also includes other Discord servers.
    • Abusing Bugs
      • Allowed You are allowed to use/replicate bugs in certain situations.
        • You are allowed to use bugs if you are reporting and showing them to a member of staff.
      • Disallowed It is strictly prohibited to knowingly and willingly abuse bugs in these situations.
        • If the bug gives you or another player an unfair advantage over other players.
    • Scamming
      • Disallowed You are strictly prohibited from scamming or otherwise stealing from other players.
    • Ban Evading
      • Disallowed Ban Evading is logging in with an alternate account after another one of your accounts has been banned. Ban Evading is never allowed. If you are caught Ban Evading, it will result in an even more permanent ban from the server. Why not try appealing your ban?
    • Alternative Accounts
      • DisallowedUsing an alt account can potentially give you a very unfair advantage over other players such as more crate keys, more claims, AFK'ing at farms, etc. Due to those reasons, the usage of alt accounts is strictly prohibited and will result in that account being banned.
    • Automated Mob Farms
      • Allowed The construction and use of automated farms are allowed.
        • The automated farm must auto kill the mobs that it spawns.
      • DisallowedMob farms that use entity cramming as a killing method.
      • DisallowedAFK'ing at a mob farm that does not have a fully automatic killing system.
    • Player Made Warps
      • Allowed Player made warps, but the warp also needs to follow all of the rules, and not have anything that is disallowed.
      • Allowed A warp that truly benefits the entire community and not a selfish reason. (For yourself, your friends, or because you just want a warp)
        • The warp has to be kept up to date.
        • The warp needs a player suggestion box that is accessible to players who visit.
        • The warp must be aesthetically pleasing, have great functionality, and have signs to guide people. (If you need a visual reference please go to /warp xpfarm, /warp sheep, or /warp flowers on red realm)
        • Just because you think your potential "warp" is aesthetically pleasing, that does not mean it will be made into an actual warp.
        • Each warp will have one /warp command. (This helps keep the list short and easily readable)
      • AllowedYou may own as many different warps as you want (if each one meets these guidelines)
      • DisallowedThe warp cannot be like any existing warps.
        • You can verify how unique your idea is in-game by using the command /warp and teleporting to each warp or going to the warp forum page here.
        • (For example: If the /warp xpfarm does not have wolf spawners, that does not mean you are allowed to make a wolf spawner warp.) Simply ask the owner of the warp to possibly update/add what you'd like to see added to the warp.
      • DisallowedArguing with staff about their final decision. This is not personal, but staff have to follow these rules to keep it fair for all players.
        • Just because you don't have a warp doesn't mean people can't use what you've built. A warp is just a command to go to a certain place. All permissions are still done under the same /claims command, so you have full control over what you allow/disallow people to use.
      • Please contact a moderator for all your warp needs (approvals/moving-removing existing warps, etc.). When wanting approval for a warp, it might not be instant, or at all.
      • If you feel you still need clarification please ask a staff member before you put time and effort into your build if you are unsure.
    • Spamming, Character Spam + Overuse of Caps
      • Allowed It is excusable to break these rules in certain situations.
      • Disallowed It is never allowed to spam chat, spam characters or overuse caps purposely. In doing this, you may be warned or punished with a mute or kick.
    • Guidelines For Custom Prefixes + Nicknames
      • Allowed Choosing your own Custom Prefix or Nickname when you're bought the appropriate rank. (Prefixes must be admin approved)
        • Prefixes: Contact an admin on discord with your full prefix (color codes and brackets must be in the prefix that you want to be added).
      • Allowed Prefixes and Nicknames that are 16 characters or less. (Brackets on prefixes do not count towards the 16 character limit)
      • Allowed Prefixes that have certain symbols (admin/Spiro approved)
      • Allowed Nicknames that have a regular symbol in the middle or end.
        • Example: survivewithus! / survive_withus / survivewith-us. / etc.
        • There MUST be a minimum of two letters before a regular symbol in your nickname.
      • Disallowed Nicknames that have special characters or symbols (Example: []/{},.<>, etc).
      • Disallowed Prefixes and Nicknames that have obfuscated characters.
      • Disallowed Prefixes and Nicknames that have strikethrough characters.
      • Disallowed Prefixes and Nicknames that have underlined characters.
      • Disallowed Prefixes that can be confused with a current staff rank.
      • Disallowed Frequently asking an admin/Spiro to change your prefix.
      • Disallowed Nicknames that impersonate another player.
      • Disallowed Prefixes and Nicknames that have profanity / sexual innuendos / racism / mimicry of other players/staff, or words that break the regular chat rules.
      • To find colors for your Prefix / Nickname click here.
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    Rules Continued
    • Other General Chat Rules
      • Allowed → Use your common sense. If what you say has a mild joke or innuendo, it will be largely considered acceptable. But please do not spam these or go above what is considered acceptable.
      • Disallowed → It is strictly prohibited to post anything in the chat of the following nature.
        • Material that includes sexual, explicit or gory content.
        • Material that includes racist, discriminatory content or anything that suggests these.
        • Do not threaten other players in any form.
        • Excessive cursing towards another player meant in an offensive manner.
        • Do not intentionally start/stir up/contribute to drama.
        • Do not talk about politics in a controversial manner.
        • Do not ask staff for items.
        • Do not talk about illegal things, such as drugs.
        • Messages posted publicly need to be in English only.
      • Overall, be nice to other players! Treat them how you'd like to be treated.
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