FINISHED March Madness is Back!

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    • March Madness tasks will be posted around 9 AM EST every day of March.
    • Winners will be picked by a randomly generated number at the end of the day – The winner will be posted in the general channel on SWU discord.
    • Find the posts each day and complete the task! This enters you into the drawing for the prize of the day.
    • Most days there will only be 1 winner, on special days, all entries are winners. (it will be announced on the post).
    • Complete the task every day to get the participation trophy and prize at the end of the month!
    • Each player can only win once (except for days every entry is a winner).
    • Discord emoji react days: If the winner does not message MissSinful to claim their prize within 24 hours a new winner will be picked and they will have 24 hours to claim their prize.
    • Any prize items that are not currently in purple can't be claimed in purple if won (mythical items, angry armor, etc.).
    • Any prize that says (exclude ‘realm’) means you cannot claim the prize on the excluded realm.
    • Be good sports! Keep this fun so we can do this again next year! Don’t beg for the task locations in chat. If you want to participate give the effort.
    • TikTok submissions:
      • Due to privacy reasons, if a player does not want to make a TikTok account they can ask a friend to submit on their behalf by saying something along the lines of “submitting this on behalf of ‘player name’ in the comment section of the task video.
      • Each substitute submission (the scenario above) needs to be pre-approved by Messaging Kalen, Panda, or MissSinful with details of who is submitting for who.
      • Each submission needs to have a like/comment on the task video to be counted.
    The players who participate in all 31 tasks will receive:
    x10 Fun Keys
    x10 Specialty Keys
    x10 Mythical Keys


    Unbreakable Shears Trophy!
    (This is intentionally left open for you to add your own additional enchantments to it!)

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