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    Super Zombie Boss has decided he needs to decorate his home. He wants your help to create some pretty awesome map art for his house! Do you think you’re up for the challenge? You will have 3 days to create your map art (Friday the 26th, Saturday the 27th, and Sunday the 28th). So get ready!

    After all submissions are in, they will be judged by our panel of staff (for a total of 8 judges) on Monday the 29th. The winners will be announced on our twitter after the judging has ended. Each judge will rate your art out of 10 points, with a maximum possible score of 80 points. Whoever receives the highest score will win, followed by second and third place.

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    This is made to be a single player building event, so prizes will be given to the person who signed up on the forum and placed in the top three.

    The two links below will allow you to convert your images into map art, or use your own. It's all up to you!

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    • Minimum map size is one entire map (128 x 128)
      • You are allowed to go bigger but build at your own risk! (You only have 3 days!)
    • No copying others work (from the server)
    • Use your own materials
    • This has to be a new map art! not a current build!
    • All map art submissions must be renamed to your IGN (anvils provided at /warp farm)
    • Only contestants who have signed up in the comments below will be judged
    • No pornography or offensive maps (has to still follow server rules)
    • We can’t do anything if it’s not claimed, so make sure you claim this!
    • You CANNOT start earlier than Friday the 26th at 12am EST. Staff will be around to verify when you've started to make sure no one is cheating.
    • Maps must be submitted in the submission box at /warp farm by 11:59pm Sunday the 28th
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    1st 1st place badge, $2,500,000, $15 in store credit, 15 boss keys, 10 Survivor Keys

    2nd 2nd place badge, $1,000,000, $10 in store credit, 10 boss keys, 5 Survivor Keys

    3rd 3rd Place badge, $750,000, $5 in store credit, 5 boss keys, 3 Survivor Keys

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