FINISHED Map Art Contest for the Blue Realm (Deadline: March 18th, 2020)

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    Update 03/20/2020: Results are in after 9 voters ranked their favorite map art from 1 to 3.

    1st place - Aurora's Eye by AxNae and Galaxy - 24 points
    2nd place - Zero-Two by Hoshi - 21 points
    3rd place - Slime in Da Sea by Schlime - 9 points

    I love map art and I need more of it in my life, so in hopes of accomplishing this goal, Pang and I have gathered a prize pool of $8 million to be awarded to the winners. This prize pool may increase if anyone is willing to donate more.

    How it works:
    You create the best map art your heart can design and you submit it to the map art gallery to be hung. The pieces will be purchased ($75k per piece) so even if you don't win, you'll be paid for your time. These pieces will hang in the gallery where our panel of judges will, individually, rate each submission 1-10 to decide upon the winners.

    March 18th, 2020.

    1st place: $5 million (or more.)
    2nd place: $3 million (or more.)
    3rd place: $1 million (or more.)

    - Send your map art to OnionBoots and message me with the title of the artwork. It will be judged blindly as to account for bias during the voting stage.
    - The map art must be completed and submitted by the deadline, March 18th. Results will be in before March 23rd and players will be awarded on the 24th.
    - Map art must be completed in the blue realm, and you will be paid on the blue realm.
    - You may submit as many map art pieces as you would like, more entries increase your chance of winning, but only one of your entries may win you a slot in the top 3. Low-quality entries may be denied and returned based on my discretion. No vulgar or obscene images allowed.
    - You may not enter map art that you've previously finished or are currently working on. All map art must be created after the date and time of this post.
    - All submitted maps will remain property of the gallery, all entries will receive a fixed $75K payment to be purchased.
    - If you would like to include a price for your map art, so that players interested in purchasing a copy can reach out to you, feel free to include that information. This is what the gallery is for - to actively promote your work and connect collectors with artists. :)
    - Entries may include map art larger than 1x1.
    - Judges are not allowed to submit entries.
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