FINISHED Icy Boat Racing!

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    This weekend SWU is hosting a Boat Race on Ice!

    Come test your boat racing skills on our ice course! Boat Racing will start at 11am on July 7th.

    Please comment below to sign up!
    If your MC User is different than the forums, please also include your in game name. Thank you!

    This will be done in a tournament style. The players will be matched randomly until the last 3 winners are found! The races are best 2 out of 3. (Please see below for "tournament style")

    Bracket Style Spiro Heads.png

    Rules NO BACKGROUND.png
    1. Have to be a member of the forums
    2. First one that crosses the finish line wins
    3. Have to stay in your boat at all times during the race (no flying)
    4. If you do not show up during your time slotted race you forfeit the match
    5. No attacking other players
    If you need clarifying on any rules or have questions please contact Staff.

    Prizes NO BACKGROUND.png
    1st Place: 1st Place Badge, $5,000,000, 20 Boss Crate Keys, 5 Survivors Crate Keys, 5 Mob Spawner Keys, $20 Store Credit

    2nd Place: 2nd Place Badge, $2,500,000, 15 Boss Crate Keys, 3 Survivor Crate Key, 3 Mob Spawner Keys, $15 Store Credit

    3rd Place: 3rd Place Badge, $1,000,000, 10 Boss Crate Keys, 1 Survivor Crate Key, 1 Mob Spawner Key, $10 Store Credit

    Lets Have Some fun survivors NO BACKGROUND.png
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