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    Hello I'm Nuggetlord45 I've created this message to inform the community that as of today I will not be playing the server or video games in general I feel I've become too reliant on video games and at 14 years of age I need to think about what I want to do with my life and video games have gotten in the way of that I apologize to those very few if at all the people who somehow enjoyed or tolerated my presence on the server I am not promising I'm coming back but I feel video games have damaged me and my life I'm putting MY money into these developers pockets and not putting any money into mine and that offends me video games have no benefits they only bring trouble I intend to utterly and completely remove video games and anything associated with them if your even reading this post this post is not meant to draw attention or controversy I'm not looking for attention at all I only feel this is the only community that will care if that so in conclusion I will not be participating in the server any longer and I'm sorry if I caused pain hate and any other things I may have caused I'm only 14 and I'm not even good at minecraft or video games altogether so goodbye survive with us I truly appreciated the time I've spent on this server.
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    We wish you the best of luck ♡

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