CONTEST Hockey Tournament

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    Hello All!!

    I built a hockey rink a while back and now I'm finally going utilize it in an event!


    This tournament will be hosted on the Blue realm on Wednesday, July 8th at 2:00 p.m Central time, That's 12 pm pst, 3 pm est. all players will need to be at the rink at 1:30 p.m central to give us time to get organized and go over the rules. Game watchers can arrive at 2 and later.

    Everyone will get together a team of 2 (you and another player) players and compete against other teams of 2.

    Once you have your team together, come up with a team name or be assigned one and message me, CressidaSevion aka Cress on the blue realm or on discord @ Ellari#0726 (don't be afraid to message me with questions either)

    The application deadline is 12 a.m Central time on Tuesday, July 7th.

    Make sure your application message includes
    - Your team name
    - Team members
    - Contactable member for updates if not you

    No boosts, mythical items or potions allowed
    /fly must be turned off

    How to play

    To get a point a player must flip the switch and light up the opposing teams point board.

    Each person will get a 'giant branch' to use as a "hockey stick" these will be how you knock other players away, meaning you will have one player guarding the lever as the 'goalie'

    Each team will be assigned a color ( Blue or yellow/ Diamond or gold) and will be expected to empty their inventory and put on the respective chest plate.

    The first team to get to 10 points moves on to the next round until the ultimate winning team claims victory.

    The team that wins against every other team will split a grand prize of 1,000,000.
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    Prize of 10 million*

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