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    Hey, my name is Alban, aka MoonArts, a 20 years old guy that love art and tattoos.

    I started playing Minecraft around 2011 when I was about 11-12 years old. As my creativity has no limit, I love playing Minecraft. What I love the most is farming, grinding for resources, making mob farms, redstone circuits, hidden doors and of course .. MAP ART !

    Apart from my Minecraft life. I want to become a graphist designer and/or tattooer. I have currently 7 tattoos and I planned about 30 others.

    SurviveWithUs is definitively the best Minecraft Survival Multiplayer server ever. I play on it since march 2019. After 4 months of intense playing, I had to stop a whole year for studies. But I'm back since may 2020. I'm an (only) Red Realm player.

    SWU community is the best. Hundreds of chill players, that love helping each other, that are funny, that have insane projects and that are part of a big family.

    I love each of you ! <3
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    I would not have pegged you for a tattoo guy
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    Hey I'm 20 and started playing MC around 2011 too! Glad to have you here moon welcome to Survive :D

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