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    -Do not create fake events
    This means if you promise to give away a prize and it is not given out or you cannot provide proof that the winner has received the prize you will face disciplinary action.

    -Do not set a requirement for the giveaway to end other than a date
    You may not create an arbitrary goal to reach before you end your giveaway. For example: “once this thread gets 100 likes the giveaway will end”. However, you can create a date which your giveaway will end. For example: “I will pick a winner on February 1st”.

    -Do not run multiple giveaways at the same time

    -You may only giveaway SurviveWithUs related prizes
    This means you cannot be giving away prizes unrelated to SurviveWithUs such as Minecraft accounts or Paypal money.

    -Do not redirect your giveaway elsewhere
    This means you must host all your giveaways here on the forums itself. You may not redirect the giveaway to your Youtube channel/video /etc. All the giveaway details and requirements should be disclosed in the forum itself.

    Violating these rules could result in your giveaway being deleted, or your account being permanently banned. If you have any questions regarding the rules or giveaways, in general, please contact any member of staff.
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