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    SurviveWithUs has it’s very own community system and with this guide, you can apply to a community and start building together in no time!

    We offer a thorough, yet very simple command/menu based community system to allow you to join or start a community and start building with your friends! To start playing with friends via communities, follow this guide!

    Follow these commands to have an understanding of how communities work:
    • /community (if not in one already) - Opens up a menu where you have the option to create or join a community.
    • /community (if in a community) - Opens up a menu where you have the option to do the following: view community border, view community members, toggle community chat, and/or leave the community.
    • /communitychat OR /cc - Toggles a chat just to chat with your community only. To toggle it off, use the command again. When talking, your chat will be yellow, this is how you know you are talking in community chat.

    If you are a Founder or Co-Founder, read below to understand the community functions as a founder:
    • /community - If you are a Founder/Co-Founder, using these commands gives you more options in order to run and maintain the community. These options include: changing claim settings, changing community name (only founders are enabled for this), change invitation status, and viewing applicants that have applied for your community.
    • /communityclaim - This command allows only the founder of the community to claim chunks for the community. Anyone in the community but residents have access to build in community claims. To check what chunk of land you are claiming, press the keys ‘f3’ and ‘g’. You will be claiming inside the 16x16 chunk of where you stand.
    • /communityunclaim - This command allows only the founder of the community to unclaim chunks of the community. Once unclaimed, any player on the server now has access to the chunk(s). To check what chunk of land you are unclaiming, press the keys ‘f3’ and ‘g’. You will be unclaiming inside the 16x16 chunk of where you stand.

    Roles within a community:
    • Founder - The person who founded the community and has full control of how the community is run.
    • Co-Founder - Co-Founders have permission to help run the community with certain commands other roles do not have. They can change community settings, accept/reject applicants, promote/demote community members.
    • Builder - Builders have permission to help build the community and play regularly within the community. Builders have the ability to edit other’s claims inside the community.
    • Resident - This role acts as a citizen. They do not have permission to build in the community other than their personal claim within a community.

    How to join a community:
    Type the command /community and click the painting to check out the communities.

    Once you have clicked the painting, you can now see the lists of communities (shown as buttons). To apply, click the community (button) you wish to apply for.

    Once you have been accepted into a community, doing /community should now show up like in the picture below. You now have the option to view community borders (redstone), view community members (Steve head), toggle community chat (paper), and/or leave the community (barrier block).

    Congratulations, you have successfully joined a community!

    How to create a community:
    PLEASE NOTE: Once you create a community for 25,000 Spirobucks, there are no refunds!
    Type the command /community and click the diamond block to pay $25,000 to start your community!
    2019-08-06_21.28.06 - Copy.png

    Once you click the diamond block, the chat will pop up asking you, “What do you want the name to be?” You then want to type the name of your community in chat. Once you have done that, you have created a community!

    When you have created a community, you are given new prompts when typing the command /community. You can now; change claim settings (lever), change community name (book & quill), change invitation status (button), view applicants (book), and/or disband the community (barrier block).

    To view, accept, and decline applicants click the book in /community. Left-click to accept applicants, and right-click to decline.

    Last but not least, you can promote members by left-clicking their head, demote by right-clicking their head, or remove members by pressing shift and right-click.

    Congratulations, you have successfully learned to create and run a community!

    1. Can I restrict permissions in community claims?
    Yes, you have a small list of permissions through /community > 'Change Claim Settings'.
    2. Do community claims show up differently from regular claims (Example: /claims)?
    There is a button within /community that will show your community claims (separate from the regular /claims).
    3. How many claims do I start off with?
    You start off with 30 community claims.
    4. How do I get more community claims?
    Each person that is added to your community claims gives you 5 claim chunks.
    5. How much does it cost to create a community?
    $25,000 Spirobucks!
    6. Are there any rules when joining a community?
    Depends on the community and the leaders.
    7. Can people outside the community see the community chat?
    No, only people in the community can see the community chat by using /cc <message>
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    Very thorough Guide! I love it! Great job! :)
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