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    Forge Mods are great and really help you complete harmless tasks quicker and easier. Here is a list of all the mods that are allowed on SurviveWithUs, and mods that are prohibited on this server. This list will always be updated with any new mods players have questions about. Please contact a staff member or comment below if you don't see the mod you want to use on this list. Thank you!

    All Mods linked below are for version 1.14.4

    • Ama's Damage Indicator shows damage taken or given by an Entity and HUD information such as entity name, armor, health, and effects.
    • bspkrsCore Universal This mod is required for ArmorStatusHUD, StatusEffectHUD, and DirectionHUD to launch. Without it, these mods will crash the game
    • DirectionHUD gives you the magnetic direction that you are facing
    • DynamicSurroundings for better client-side ambiance
    • InventoryTweaks for automatically sorting your chests
    • Just Enough Items views items and recipes
    • LightLevelOverlay for showing you what blocks mobs can spawn on
    • Minimaps such as Voxel, Journeymap, Xaero
    • Optifine for better FPS
    • Litematica (alternative for Schematica) Helps copy a build to build it again elsewhere. Must have auto-build turned off
    • StatusEffectHUD displays your currently active potions/effects without having to open your inventory
    • Any mod that gives the player a distinct advantage over others
    • Autoclick Mod
    • Automine Hacks
    • Baritone
    • Botting
    • Fullbright Mod
    • Hacked Clients
    • Speed Hacks
    • X-Ray Mods/Resource Packs
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