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    SurviveWithUs has a custom claiming system and with this guide you will be a pro in no time!

    We feature a comprehensive, yet incredibly simple command/menu based claiming system to ensure that you and your property is safely guarded and managed, worry-free! Claims are used on the follow three commands:​
    • /claim - Claims a chunk (16x256x16) in size. As a new player, you start off with 5 claim chunks, and you passively get a claim chunk every 30 minutes of active playtime!
      • Don't forget to do the key commands F3 + G to see the outline of a chunk!
    • /viewclaims - Shows you the perimeter of your claim, through particle borders!
    • /claimtoggle - Allows you to mass claim large areas just by running around! This will automatically stop after 30 seconds.
    • /claims - Pulls up a menu that organizes your claims by name, coordinates, messages, and features in-depth claim management by providing you with configurable settings!
    In this guide we will be going through the /claims interface:

    After using the /claims command, you will be faced with an interface screen containing all of the different chunk groups you have claimed.

    These claims will appear as glass panes. Red glass panes represent the claims your player is not currently standing in and a green glass pane represents the claim you are currently standing in.

    In this first interface you will be able to see all of your separate claims, default named “Unnamed Chunk #”, as well as you will be able to see; the amount of chunks in this claim, the coordinates where the claim is near, and you will be shown the option to delete the entire claim.

    ❖❖❖Editing your claim❖❖❖

    To edit a claim’s settings you will need to click on the glass pane of your claim. You do not have to be standing in the claim you want to edit to be able to edit it.

    After clicking on the claim of your choice you will see a bunch of different buttons.

    The top four rows are to edit the permissions in your claim. Such as, opening chests, killing hostile mobs, opening doors, and breaking blocks. *Please note, enabling breaking or placing blocks will override the remaining settings and your claim settings will default as if the land is not claimed.*

    In the bottom right corner, you will see three buttons, these allow your claim to be ‘dangerous.’ Allowing PVP, fire spread, and explosions.

    If the button is red that action is disabled in your claim and if the button is green that action is enabled. To enable or disable a permission simply left-click the permission.

    In the bottom left corner, you will have the option to manage your trusted players, create/update your welcome message, and update your claim name.

    ❖❖❖Trusting/Untrusting Players❖❖❖

    Trusting players is now on a per claim basis to ensure the most effective security. You claim trust and untrust players two ways. The first is by using the command /trust <player name> and /untrust <player name>. This will trust or untrust the player only in the claim you are standing in.

    The second way is by going to your /claims menu and clicking on your player head/Manage Trusted Players. You will then be brought to a screen with three options; one to go back, one to view trusted player, and one to trust new players.

    Clicking on Manage trusted Players will show you the players trusted in that claim and you have the option to untrust them if they are online or not.

    Clicking on trust new players will show the player heads of everyone online and you can click their heads to trust them.

    ✯✯✯ Please note, trusting a player means they will have access to everything within your claim including your chests and land. Ensure you have the utmost faith in the players you trust. This is because staff will not be able to do anything if you’ve trusted the wrong person to your claim and lose your items/builds. ✯✯✯
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    Nice guide!
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    I had a trusted player that was un-trusted when I added more chunks to the claim. Just checking to see if:
    1) That is intended?
    2) Is there a way to keep them trusted when you add area or is it reset each time you add chunks to the claim?
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    I'm really sorry, I didn't see this until now!
    1) I'm not sure what you're referring to. :(
    2) This only happens sometimes. Currently, there is no way around re-adding them.

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