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    Hey survivors! We wanted to create a page to showcase our active communities!
    Below are the communities in alphabetical order to give a taste of what's offered.

    Players interested in joining a community:

    You can apply to these communities by using the command /community ➤ Join A Community (Click on the painting) ➤ Hover over the community to find the right one click to apply!

    *** To submit your community to this page please make sure you have the following: ***
    1. An actual community on /community in SWU.
    2. When posting your community in the comments to be added please follow the format:
      • The community name / Which Realm
      • Username / Nickname of community owner
      • Number of members in the community currently (active or not)
      • Description of the community (What the focus is: i.e. role playing / mining club / friends / etc.)
      • (Applicable only if the community has certain criteria for membership) What the community is looking for in a player
      • A Picture of the community (Could be the main base / town / Players depending on the type of community)
    Example of an active community posting:

    *Once your community comment has been submitted, your introduction will be added to the Post. After your community has been added to the actual post your comment will be deleted. If you have any updates to your community post after it's been added, please make a new comment with the name of your community and the changes you want made. Thank you!

    ░░░░░░░░░Red Realm Communities░░░░░░░░░

    America Gaming

    Owner: Patriot / thegamingpatriot1776#1605 (discord)
    Members: 11
    We are a community of friends and just normal random players who are active. We love new people and will help any friend or random when we get the chance.
    Yes its American but you can of course be in it if you're from a different country. We are working on a Community Town/City. We also love to joke around and have fun. We want players who will participate and be active on the server and work on cool projects with us! We would love to have you in our community. <3 -Murica Man aka patriot



    Aquanian Domain
    Owner: Artsi
    Members: 1

    The Aquanians are waiting for you at Aquanian Domain, we are a small community on a small island I made myself, in the middle of a lake, I dug out myself, We are currently looking for more members to join! We have Places for you to live! We have rooms underground you can decorate! 2x2 chunks, We have a community wall which will be expanding soon!


    The Elyria Project
    Founding members: Grauly & Neon
    Members: 11
    This community is based on a common vision of making a fully fledged land of secrets and adventure.
    It started of with Grauly building his castle and planning his Kingdom, unntil Neon joined up and settled in the neighbouring kingdom.
    Our project is planned to be extensive, and over a 1 year period. We currently have 2 gigantic castles and plans for 2 cities around these. The vision is for it to feel lively, and any player can progress, have adventures, purchase house, and progress your way to the final raid!

    The land will have its own currency, quests (done by redstone), progression systems, lore (tons of it!), and lots of secrets that you'll unlock as you progress, magic being one of them. There will also be several dungeons, and other challenges. Pvp is open. (There will be dedicated areas).
    We also plan for possibilities of raids.

    As it is a project of several Kingdoms, our cities (Elyria and Souteros), is connected to The Wesleyan Empire by nether (founded by WES). Yumiki (of Souteros) has started her own island city on the west coast of elyria, which we're excited about.

    Lately more really talented players have joined up (I_WantToDieLmao and QuantumEntropy), and we're still recruiting.

    Message us at any time, and submit us a fine build.
    We only expect your dedication to the cause.


    Owner: Winter_Chan
    Members: 5
    We like jojo's bizarre adventure so we're making morioh.


    Owner: Siah
    Co-Owner: Shaheer
    Member count: 54
    SpookTown was the first, and largest community on Survive With Us. We've been around since the beginning and are a closely-knit bunch with lots of history on the server. I'm not very active on Swu anymore, but I and many others would love to see SpookTown continue to thrive and be a place where people can come together and express themselves.

    Feel free to go there and see for yourself, though, just how vast and unique Spooktown is.


    The Federation of Pozzy Vibes
    Owner: Panda0w0
    Members: 13
    Really just a place to hang out and build with others. Anyone is allowed in! ^.^


    Wolf Town
    Owner: The_King_Wolf21 (TheKingWolf)
    This community is just lots of people that are friends!

    ░░░░░░░░░Blue Realm Communities░░░░░░░░░

    Coming soon!
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    • Island Village On red
    • Matt4creeper
    • 7
    • The island Village is a place for people to build a vacation home, set up a business, Or in the "undercity" You can build what dungeons, farm or a vault
    • We are looking for someone who has a decent building skill, A playtime rank of journeyman or higher / Payed rank. We want players who respect our rules (posted in town). Discord Is highly suggested to keep updated on all the island plans, updates, and announcements
    • 2019-08-14_14.57.05.png
    • All images can be found here due to file size issues

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