CONTEST 2022 Christmas Map Art Competition

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    Hey Survivors, I'm hosting a server wide Christmas map art competition with some help from some of the staff, do you think you would win? Event Details We want you to start early so start now get your blocks and your team, we do have a due date yes like school, we need your map arts handed in by 22nd of December, Try to make it Christmas related, fill out the form before getting someone on the 2022 Christmas map art comp staff team (Me, Daze or Loling)

    Rules Yes We Have Rules

    1. The teams are 4 players only that's right 4 not even 4 and a half.

    2. We would love to see your map art plot before you start even if you didn't ask us to look <3. (If your ready for your plot to be verified please see if I'm on before you go to Dazeman\Kirito or loling)

    3. If you use easy place you would be instantly disqualified and will get in trouble with the teachers (staff) so play nice.

    4. Don't copy people you will lose marks and you will be disqualified.

    5. Only people that filled out the form can participate

    6. Arguing with the event staff will result in a disqualification

    Prize list

    1st Place - 2 Legacy Egg Crate Keys, 2 Legacy Crate Keys, 2 Mythical Crate Keys, 3 FUN Crate Keys, 20 Survivor Keys and 25 Million Spirobucks

    2nd Place - 1 Legacy Egg Crate Key, 1 Legacy Crate Keys, 2 Mythical Crate Keys, 2 FUN Crate Keys, 10 Survivor Keys and 15 Million Spirobucks

    3rd Place - 1 Mythical Crate Key, 1 FUN Crate Key, 5 Survivor Keys and 10 Million Spirobucks

    Here is the form link you need to fill out to be able to participate

    If you have any questions please feel free to dm me @cablebubble5#8934 if I am not on I'm probably sleeping or at hell (school) so ask daze @Fallengrace#6787 but only ask him if I am not on ​

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