1.16! The Nether Update!

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    Hello survivors! 1.16 is coming to SWU!

    This update brings a whole lot of changes in The Nether! Because of this, we've decided that it would be best to completely reset The Nether in order to give everybody fresh chunks to explore. With this reset, any claims in The Nether are also going to be removed.

    Key balances will also be reset with the update (excluding mythical, fun, specialty keys), so please make sure they are used if you want the rewards! We know many of you have been saving up your keys, but in order to ensure a fair experience for everybody, we feel that it's best to give everybody a fresh starting point.

    Unfortunately, you will NOT be able to upgrade any SWU items to Netherite variants. We understand most of you wanted this option, but it would be too powerful.

    The SWU quest world, Vestrull, will now permanently be open to survivors! For now, there is a limit of 1 quest per day, and the normal quests will still be active too. We will be adding more quests for you to do on a regular basis. For now, you can complete quests in the quest world as well as doing your normal /quests. However, the new quest world will eventually replace the current /quests system.

    Since there have been a lot of new items added into the game, we felt it was time to update the Token Shop at spawn. It now includes (20) 1.16 items! Because these items are new, the prices are slightly inflated so that you can’t just get everything from the crate instantly, so choose wisely!

    We hope you all have fun Surviving With Us in 1.16!
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    This is going to be fun

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