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    Hey survivors! 1.15.1 is finally upon us and that means we're updating! In order to expand the world to allow beehives to spawn naturally, we’ll be increasing the borders on each realm. Instead of all at once, we’re just going to increase the border on the yellow realm by 5,000 blocks in order to make sure that 1.15.1 is stable enough to have players generating new terrain (on 1.14, this would cause servers to lag horrendously). Because 1.15 is more of a bug fix update then a content update, we have decided to release our own little content update.

    We will now have a voting feature to pass the night in the overworld. Now players will be able to start a vote on passing the night using the command /voteday, and if 75% of the non-afk online players vote, the time will change. If there aren’t enough votes, it will stay night. To avoid spam there will be a 10-minute cooldown timer on the voting command.

    Our next cool feature is being able to turn off mob spawning in your claims (NOT usable on the Purple realm). It will cost the player $5,000,000 SpiroBucks to toggle this setting each time, so make sure you know what you want to do unless you want to break your balance. This will only affect mobs that spawn naturally, and will not affect any mobs that spawn from a placed spawner.

    The last big change to the server would be how blocks in The End can now be broken and placed (Excluding Purple realm*). This change is mainly to prevent The End from being destroyed like it usually is. The End worlds on ALL realms will also be reset with this update.

    If you’re within 500 blocks of (0, 0) in The End, you can only break/place the following blocks:
    - Scaffolding
    - End Crystals/Stone
    - Redstone Items

    We hope you like our content updates and can’t wait to see you on the server surviving with us in 1.15.1!
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