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    Are you all ready for the big 1.14 update? We certainly are!

    We’ve been working hard testing and creating SurviveWithUs 2.0 for the 1.14 update! Now it’s time to leave our beloved 1.12 behind to see the adventures 1.14 has in store for us!

    With this update comes a whole lot of changes, not only in Minecraft, but with SurviveWithUs itself! The biggest change that you’ll see upon logging back onto the server is that you’ll be in a brand new place: our new lobby. When you’re in this area, you’ll be able to choose between one of two Realms to play on, Red or Blue. What’s a Realm? To put it simply, realms are completely separate worlds, with their own chats, players, economies, etc. This means items, money, crate keys, claims, etc., will not be transferable between realms. The world you all know and love is hereby known as the Red Realm, and you can get back to your old homes by entering the red portal in the hub. There are also some changes specific to the Red Realm: The Nether and The End worlds have both been fully reset, and the world border has been increased by a massive 25%. Moving to the Blue Realm, It is a brand new experience for adventurers and new players alike. This world has been generated from 1.14 (Starting out with a border of 20k x 20k), this is a completely fresh start for those who want to jump right in and explore the new changes 1.13 and 1.14 have given us. This fresh start means that your balance, playtime, items, etc. won't carry over from what you've done on the Red Realm. The only thing that will not be reset is your donor perks (Ranks/Extra Homes, etc.)

    There’s also been a handful of other noteworthy changes, starting with the brand new /playtime system! You’ll now receive more than just a fancy title in-game for spending time on the server. Check out the new in-game menu to see the perks that you’ve unlocked! Keep in mind: playtime is specific to the realm that you’re on, so you'll need to grind out your playtime on whichever realm you want perks on.

    This next change might upset a few of you because we know how much you loved him, but our beloved Super Zombie Boss has been feeling in need of a long-overdue vacation, away from all of the killing. After all, I think he’s earned a bit of a break, Don’t you think? Try not to miss him too much, he’ll be back soon!

    Moving onto one of our most addicting features: Crates! Every crate has been given a bit of a refresh and received a new loadout of rewards. The Survivor’s crate is now exclusively obtained through quest rewards, Taking its place in the shop is the brand new Master’s crate! Vote crates are now A LOT more useful to you with the ability to give you boosts, keys for other crates, extra claimable chunks, and more!

    Up next, the Questing system! We decided it’s time to give you all some long-term quests - Weekly quests! These work exactly the same way as your current daily quests but should keep your attention a bit longer and reward you accordingly.

    For the last of the notable changes, there’s the new refer-a-friend system! You and your friends can now receive Double XP and Double Money boosts, as well as a handful of crate keys for referring your friends to the server. Once your friend joins the server, have them type /referred <you> (or simply /ref) in order for both of you to gain the rewards. In order to keep things fair, only new survivor’s with less than an hour of playtime can execute the /ref command, and you can only refer 3 people per day. What are the rewards? Two hours of double XP, $10,000, and a handful of crate keys for friends that you refer to the server, and you, the person getting your friend to join and /ref you, will receive $25,000 and a Survivor’s Crate Key.

    With all of the big stuff out of the way, there’s still a handful of other changes that you should be aware of:
    • Death messages will now only go to survivors within 100 blocks of where somebody dies
    • You can now buy extra /fixes in the store
    • The /settings menu has received a facelift, and there are now a couple more options for you to toggle including villager trading/killing options
    • You can now do /claimtoggle (or /ct) to automatically claim chunks that you walk into. This effect lasts for 30 seconds or until canceled.
    • Vote keys have been reset.
    • You can now do /whois (or /who) to find out a player’s actual name.

    We’ve been hard at work taking player suggestions and making them a reality; and implementing changes to give you all the best possible adventure that we can. We are very excited about these changes and we hope you are too! 1.14 is going to be a new and very exciting adventure for all of us, and we can’t wait to see you online! As always, Keep on Surviving with Us!
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