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Public Service Announcement: My profile is not where you make ban appeals. Jul 25, 2022

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Nov 25, 2022
    1. Kyronnnnn
      Before i wanted to play the server i was watching movies on my computer and didn't realise that you weren't allowed to use a VPN on the server and i had one running in the back ground and forgot to turn it off. Date of ban 10/02/22
    2. Out2sea88
      Minecraft Username_Out2sea88

      Date of Ban: 12/3/2021

      Ban reason: using parent's credit card

      A brief summary: I used my mom's credit card to by stuff on the donation store

      Appeal: I am very sorry I will never do it again, please reconsider and Unban Me
    3. _ulnous
      Minecraft Username: _ulnous

      Date of Ban: 3/12/2022

      Ban reason: I was calling someone gay in chat because I was out of control in a argument

      A brief summary: Me and robindoue was having a argument because we weren't agreeing with each other and ended up fighting, and I called him gay

      Appeal: I am very sorry, I will never insult anyone again and keep the chat clean and safe, please reconsider and unban me
    4. Tac0s_Tac0s_Tac0
      Ayo Spiro I know that asking for an unban after you asked for a ban isn't allowed but I was trying to cool off and not say things (keep in mind I have anger issues) but I just wanted to know if I could be un banned? (user) Tac0s_Tac0s_Tac0 (Tacos#3886) discord.
    5. Out2sea88
      my name for minecraft is Out2sea88
    6. Out2sea88
      I posted a ban appeal can pls look at it??
    7. Out2sea88
      Hi, Can U Check Out my Ban Appeal Because I'd Love to come back on the Server, and It's been a Few months
    8. NOT_LIXS
      hello spiro can please check out my ban appeal i really enjoy the server and i would greatly love to get unbanned i didn't mean to say what i said please chect out my appeal please
    9. opsider_
      hi spiro please check out my ban appeal
    10. Happysavage228
      So sometimes when I log off, mostly whenever I have something in my F key hand (left), the item in the First key hand will disappear when I log back on, and the item in my normal hand is in the left hand slot. I lost 19 iron blocks, 16 XP bottles, 2 master bows, a stack of sticks, and 46 oak planks this way. Can you pls fix that? Ty!!
    11. tom
      hey spiro i just wanna tell you about my situation I was banned for name calling because another player icey was name calling me and tp trapping me and a lot more players then he said nalor was crap talking yellow so I just told him what he was texting me then I get perm banned I feel like this was admin abuse and I feel like this was not right I do deserve some ban but not a perm
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    12. TaterTot
      Tried to login last night after playing for a few hours earlier and came back to find I was banned due to spamming. Not sure how I spammed. I was not chatting except to use commands to fly to get to my house. Just started learning the fly function after donating $50 for Legend Rank a few days ago. Can you unban me and help me understand what I am doing wrong. User name is TaterTot4105.
    13. ForsakenNyxx
      My entire house and all my inventory has vanished. Feeling a bit discouraged
      1. SpiroMarshes
        You're most likely on the wrong realm
        Dec 31, 2020
      2. ForsakenNyxx
        No because my courtyard is still there. I have a ton of inventory including 10 + shulker boxes, 10+ various spawn eggs, not to mention all the wood and basics I had. Ton of armor and tools as well. Thats whats so discouraging is all the stuff I had is gone.
        Dec 31, 2020
      3. Drag0nFinn
        My base got BLOWN up. with 2 stacks of diamond blocks and 52 netherite
        Sep 12, 2021
    14. Ryan Ayres
      Ryan Ayres
      how do i find the server address?
      1. SpiroMarshes
        Look up
        Dec 31, 2020
    15. TragicConert785
      Hello Spiro, yesterday I had received a Pigstep music disk from a friend. I was playing it during some PVP in our village and during the chaos, someone came into my house and stole the disk. If it is at all possible could you find who did it and get the disk back I would be very grateful. My username is TragicConert785. Please note that I don't want them banned, I just want them to get a warning.
      1. ForsakenNyxx
        Your stuff too. Shakes my head.
        Jan 2, 2021
    16. gasbrass40004
      I was banned for hacking with no proof
      1. liam and TragicConert785 like this.
      2. SpiroMarshes
        Oct 22, 2020
    17. Hydramax
      hi spiro is it ok if i can record on your channel ;)
    18. TheOtvertka
      can you look the conversations pls and i need to say something at discord
    19. Alderin
      Hi Spiro! I love what you've accomplished on this server! I would love to know more about how you built all of the custom ... everything. :) Did you start with a third-party server like Bukkit or Paper or did you just code it all from scratch? Either way, great work! Thanks for everything!
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    20. Sprinkel
      how do you apply for YT rank
      1. Skyline
        you don't
        May 15, 2020
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