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Jun 26, 2022 at 4:45 PM
    1. Skymanky
      Hi Spiro it's me Sky. Would be nice of you if you could check out Nay's msg on dc. Hope you have a nice day :)
    2. Ben_not_10
      Minecraft Username:

      Date of Ban:

      Ban reason:
      exploiting or abuse of bugs

      A brief summary in your own words for the Ban Reason:
      I told my friend about the glitch that someone did, then i asked him how to do it. He strongly didnt like the idea of it, so it didnt go further.

      I will not get involved in situations like this again, and i wont find out any bugs/glitches etc.
    3. Berlin Greenwald
      Berlin Greenwald
      ign: mqxhiie
      date: 04/16/22
      reason: (TW) fag

      this was an accident, was playing a game we play sometimes with character spam (in com chat), and i think i formed the word !TW! fag causing immediate perma ban
      i understand i shouldve checked the msg before sending, i will of course continue to refrain from purposely using this language and be more careful, and would really appreciate a second chance
    4. DamianPlayzMC
      Date Of Ban 17-4-2022 Ban Reason: Staff Disrespect. i said fuck off to a mod. Appeal: I undertsand it was really inappropriate, i wont do it ever again. Please Unban me from the server.
    5. MrChoc420
      date of ban 4/16/22 discord name:quindomames
      discord ban reason: "b o n e r" under reactions on kalens text (not a joke)
      appeal: I under stand it was inappropriate, I will never do it again, im sorry, please invite me back to the discord server :( .
      1. Skymanky likes this.
    6. Rapidcrow076
      How do I join
    7. freddie
      Minecraft Username: freddie_wiles

      Date of Ban:03/31/2022

      Ban reason: message one my friends are being toxic to me and my other friends

      A brief summary in your own words for the Ban Reason: message one my friends are being toxic to me and my other friends

      Appeal: im truly sorry and i wont do it again i will im sorry and please reconsider and unban please
    8. Kyronnnnn
      Before i wanted to play the server i was watching movies on my computer and didn't realise that you weren't allowed to use a VPN on the server and i had one running in the back ground and forgot to turn it off. Date of ban 10/02/22
    9. Out2sea88
      Minecraft Username_Out2sea88

      Date of Ban: 12/3/2021

      Ban reason: using parent's credit card

      A brief summary: I used my mom's credit card to by stuff on the donation store

      Appeal: I am very sorry I will never do it again, please reconsider and Unban Me
    10. _ulnous
      Minecraft Username: _ulnous

      Date of Ban: 3/12/2022

      Ban reason: I was calling someone gay in chat because I was out of control in a argument

      A brief summary: Me and robindoue was having a argument because we weren't agreeing with each other and ended up fighting, and I called him gay

      Appeal: I am very sorry, I will never insult anyone again and keep the chat clean and safe, please reconsider and unban me
    11. Tac0s_Tac0s_Tac0
      Ayo Spiro I know that asking for an unban after you asked for a ban isn't allowed but I was trying to cool off and not say things (keep in mind I have anger issues) but I just wanted to know if I could be un banned? (user) Tac0s_Tac0s_Tac0 (Tacos#3886) discord.
    12. Out2sea88
      my name for minecraft is Out2sea88
    13. Out2sea88
      I posted a ban appeal can pls look at it??
    14. Out2sea88
      Hi, Can U Check Out my Ban Appeal Because I'd Love to come back on the Server, and It's been a Few months
    15. NOT_LIXS
      hello spiro can please check out my ban appeal i really enjoy the server and i would greatly love to get unbanned i didn't mean to say what i said please chect out my appeal please
    16. opsider_
      hi spiro please check out my ban appeal
    17. Happysavage228
      So sometimes when I log off, mostly whenever I have something in my F key hand (left), the item in the First key hand will disappear when I log back on, and the item in my normal hand is in the left hand slot. I lost 19 iron blocks, 16 XP bottles, 2 master bows, a stack of sticks, and 46 oak planks this way. Can you pls fix that? Ty!!
    18. tom
      hey spiro i just wanna tell you about my situation I was banned for name calling because another player icey was name calling me and tp trapping me and a lot more players then he said nalor was crap talking yellow so I just told him what he was texting me then I get perm banned I feel like this was admin abuse and I feel like this was not right I do deserve some ban but not a perm
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    19. TaterTot
      Tried to login last night after playing for a few hours earlier and came back to find I was banned due to spamming. Not sure how I spammed. I was not chatting except to use commands to fly to get to my house. Just started learning the fly function after donating $50 for Legend Rank a few days ago. Can you unban me and help me understand what I am doing wrong. User name is TaterTot4105.
    20. ForsakenNyxx
      My entire house and all my inventory has vanished. Feeling a bit discouraged
      1. SpiroMarshes
        You're most likely on the wrong realm
        Dec 31, 2020
      2. ForsakenNyxx
        No because my courtyard is still there. I have a ton of inventory including 10 + shulker boxes, 10+ various spawn eggs, not to mention all the wood and basics I had. Ton of armor and tools as well. Thats whats so discouraging is all the stuff I had is gone.
        Dec 31, 2020
      3. Drag0nFinn
        My base got BLOWN up. with 2 stacks of diamond blocks and 52 netherite
        Sep 12, 2021
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