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Nov 27, 2020 at 7:46 PM
    1. its boris
      its boris
      hi, I am a kid that was banned 2 moths ago, i do not know how to do a appeal, or what my cousin told me, but i want to ask you if you could please give me one more chance at this server :(
      1. Isseimalandro12
        Nov 14, 2020
      2. its boris
        its boris
        thank you
        Nov 14, 2020
    2. TragicConert785
      Hello Spiro, yesterday I had received a Pigstep music disk from a friend. I was playing it during some PVP in our village and during the chaos, someone came into my house and stole the disk. If it is at all possible could you find who did it and get the disk back I would be very grateful. My username is TragicConert785. Please note that I don't want them banned, I just want them to get a warning.
    3. gasbrass40004
      I was banned for hacking with no proof
      1. TragicConert785 likes this.
      2. SpiroMarshes
        Oct 22, 2020
    4. Longjon723
      hello can yo make your server for tlauncher please
      1. TragicConert785
        Using cracked launchers is wrong and Illegal
        Nov 11, 2020
    5. luke_da_tinker
      hello i am applying for an unban cus i regret spaming the report. i spamed because i made a joke and this guy camre along and kicked me out of my house. my user is luke_da_tinker
    6. bongocat47
      i called e_girl_kella a fat b word for funbow spawmming my base and then greifing the surounding chunks that i didnt claim and for it i was banned i know i was wrong i was just mad that she wouldnt stop or leave my base please if possible could you unban me i love your server and playing on it
    7. Minecraft_king
      hy spiro i got banned from server i dont know why first time when i open game and login to the server i got banned i dont know why plz unban me plz: my in game account:-Minecraft_King_0
    8. TragicConert785
      Hello Spyro, my ingame username is TragicConert785. A few days ago I was On Survive With Us Red strip mining for ancient debris with a Master's Pixaxe, when someone reported me for Nuker (I don't even know what that is) I was not banned but was given a warning that if I was reported again I would be banned. Is it is not any trouble could you remove the bad mark from by profile, Plase and thank you!

    9. Hydramax
      hi spiro is it ok if i can record on your channel ;)
    10. TheOtvertka
      can you look the conversations pls and i need to say something at discord
    11. Alderin
      Hi Spiro! I love what you've accomplished on this server! I would love to know more about how you built all of the custom ... everything. :) Did you start with a third-party server like Bukkit or Paper or did you just code it all from scratch? Either way, great work! Thanks for everything!
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    12. Sprinkel
      how do you apply for YT rank
      1. Skyline
        you don't
        May 15, 2020
    13. Rombasyt
      hi spiro i'm from russia
    14. PCPlayerLV
      hey Spiro can YOU finnaly unban me
      btw wyh did you ban me for real
    15. poildeuk
      Please unban me I'm sorry.
    16. SuperSlayer369
      I told some people that they could come to my house and take some stuff from my storage system and they raided my personal chest and destroyed some of my house. They also took my pickaxe (SuperSlayer369's Pickaxe). Do you think that you could search the chests on yellow or something like that? If you can't find my pickaxe, could I get a new one?
    17. SoulMA
      Hi! I'm mainly posting this here because it's been 72 hours since I sent my mail regards to the store purchase. If the mail can be read with a reply, that would be great.
    18. Fire_biker
      hi spiro, I was wondering if u could ban joemamamia because he stole my 36 phantom membranes and replaced it with 18 pieces of diorite :( he also stole my 43 diamonds and replaced it with 9 pieces of sand :( plz ban him :)
    19. Amazingloozer
      Hi Spiro I recently decided to build a nether portal and travel to the nether so I could gather resources but when I came back out I was teleported to someone else's nether portal and trapped because they had claimed the chunk so I couldn't mine out. Could you please set my XYZ back to spawn coordinates. Thanks, Amazingloozer
    20. AnnaMosity
      Hello my ingame name is AnnaMosity & someone went in my storage building & stole my shulkers & some other stuff I had in there!! I don't see how it's all claimed but it happened I would appreciate it if the matter was took care of please & thank you..
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      2. MissSinful
        We have a very friendly community, and our suggestion would be to reach out and see if anyone is willing to help replace what you lost (not asking multiple times though). If you need help claiming your land please see a staff member in game or through discord and they would be happy to help walk you through it. Have a good night!
        Nov 17, 2019
      3. AnnaMosity
        My land was claimed I don't know how they even got in there? But I guess I'll just leave the server, because I work hard for all my belongings on there & it's crazy that someone can just do that to me.. Have a great day & thx
        Nov 20, 2019
      4. Ray
        This happened to me on another server, that's why I end up coming to this one, I remember before my stuff was stolen, I caught someone sneaks in my claimed house drinking invisible potion, I thought it was GM, but now I'm wondering if there is a bug or there are some hack tools people use to stealing from other on the family-friendly server
        Jun 17, 2020
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