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Jun 9, 2021
    1. Lass404E
      Hey Spiro i got banned because one of my friends just tried for fun to report me for X-raying and im so sad that i cant play on the server because i really really really really love this server and i really want to play on it again because i love this server so much plz plz help me Spiro i hope you see this message oohh and BTW my ingame tag is MR_Doofenshmirts :)
    2. gogojka
      Howww do i makeee ban appeal???
    3. gogojka
      I got banned from the server in 30 days i think, it was because I said “help me with boss or gay” I did t mean it as a offens or anything, just a joke, now I understand that it wasn’t funny, I am sorry for that, but 720 hours is 30 days right? Am I bad at math?
    4. scp_ron
      i sended you a forums because i was banned check if you have someone named senior_monke or scp_ron or ronsabag2015 from your
      1. scp_ron
        banned for giving people blocks and they though i gave my self it even though someone gave me them
        May 15, 2021
    5. Littleg1501
      can you look at my ban appleal
    6. Gypsy_Crusader
      Hello, I have no idea where I can appeal my 30 day ban. Is it possible to get some help with this?
      When I was banned it said I was "HACKING" ... I would like to see some proof for this accuse.
      1. SpiroMarshes
        Nobody named "Gypsy_Crusader" has ever played on SurviveWithUs.
        May 7, 2021
    7. sedw4y654
      I got banned for accidentally saying a word that i was not supposed to it was a country in Africa and i was asking josie if that was the reason that (she, or he) was banned and it said that i was banned for racism. i would love it if you could unban me. now i know what to say or not to say. and btw sorry to any 1 out there, i am not racist and i now know not to say this. my username is sedw4y654
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    8. john mcknee
      john mcknee
      sorry for bothering but i got banned for griefing, i sent an appeal but nobody is responding or looking at it. i am very sorry for griefing and i hope you can forgive me
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      2. john mcknee
        john mcknee
        me username is phantomjjdaresy_
        Apr 5, 2021
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    9. kevin/bloodyQuicker_
      i have been hacked and i was trying to log on and the hacker was logging on too and now I'm banned forever plz can you help me
    10. snaya
      can you plz unban me plz i a sorry and e and y freind soleved it out i was just joking
    11. steeledmc
      is there something you can do about my ban appeal? i submitted a request.
      1. SpiroMarshes
        We get to them when we get to them. Be patient.
        Jan 1, 2021
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    12. ForsakenNyxx
      My entire house and all my inventory has vanished. Feeling a bit discouraged
      1. SpiroMarshes
        You're most likely on the wrong realm
        Dec 31, 2020
      2. ForsakenNyxx
        No because my courtyard is still there. I have a ton of inventory including 10 + shulker boxes, 10+ various spawn eggs, not to mention all the wood and basics I had. Ton of armor and tools as well. Thats whats so discouraging is all the stuff I had is gone.
        Dec 31, 2020
    13. Ryan Ayres
      Ryan Ayres
      how do i find the server address?
      1. SpiroMarshes
        Look up
        Dec 31, 2020
    14. TragicConert785
      Hello Spiro, yesterday I had received a Pigstep music disk from a friend. I was playing it during some PVP in our village and during the chaos, someone came into my house and stole the disk. If it is at all possible could you find who did it and get the disk back I would be very grateful. My username is TragicConert785. Please note that I don't want them banned, I just want them to get a warning.
      1. ForsakenNyxx
        Your stuff too. Shakes my head.
        Jan 2, 2021
    15. gasbrass40004
      I was banned for hacking with no proof
      1. liam and TragicConert785 like this.
      2. SpiroMarshes
        Oct 22, 2020
    16. Hydramax
      hi spiro is it ok if i can record on your channel ;)
    17. TheOtvertka
      can you look the conversations pls and i need to say something at discord
    18. Alderin
      Hi Spiro! I love what you've accomplished on this server! I would love to know more about how you built all of the custom ... everything. :) Did you start with a third-party server like Bukkit or Paper or did you just code it all from scratch? Either way, great work! Thanks for everything!
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    19. Sprinkel
      how do you apply for YT rank
      1. Skyline
        you don't
        May 15, 2020
    20. Rombasyt
      hi spiro i'm from russia
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