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  1. L3ARY
    No Longer A Player On SWU contact me on discord Learyy#3127
  2. SharkKILLER472
    I got banned for "advertising" and I didn't I was talking to my friends and it said I was advertising so I really hope I can get unbanned :(
  3. KingLlama
    Yes I drew my PFP by myself
  4. Semp
  5. xszn
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    xszn Furbie
    Mommy FurbieMommy Furbie
  17. xszn
  18. andypandy1346
  19. lucas hughes
    lucas hughes
    tjis is an appeal i would like to be unbanned my minecraft name is TTV_LUCASBTW i have been banned for my mate typing the n word in the chat
  20. andypandy1346
    andypandy1346 SpiroMarshes
    spiro am baned and i whant whanted to be baned for one day pls unban me and unban me form discord