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  1. Floofyotter
  2. e_girl_kella
  3. Kord
    Kord dddank
    Happy Birthday!
  4. bongocat47
    bongocat47 LightChimera
    i know i was in the wrong for calling e_girl_kella the b word i was ust mad she wouldnt leave and stop funbowing my house can i please be unbaned
  5. bongocat47
    bongocat47 SpiroMarshes
    i called e_girl_kella a fat b word for funbow spawmming my base and then greifing the surounding chunks that i didnt claim and for it i was banned i know i was wrong i was just mad that she wouldnt stop or leave my base please if possible could you unban me i love your server and playing on it
  6. bongocat47
  7. Minecraft_king
    Minecraft_king SpiroMarshes
    hy spiro i got banned from server i dont know why first time when i open game and login to the server i got banned i dont know why plz unban me plz: my in game account:-Minecraft_King_0
  8. Karter Worrells
  9. Theyseemelol1ng
  10. Theyseemelol1ng
  12. Tyler
    Username in Game is Jammer
  13. TragicConert785
    TragicConert785 SpiroMarshes
    Hello Spyro, my ingame username is TragicConert785. A few days ago I was On Survive With Us Red strip mining for ancient debris with a Master's Pixaxe, when someone reported me for Nuker (I don't even know what that is) I was not banned but was given a warning that if I was reported again I would be banned. Is it is not any trouble could you remove the bad mark from by profile, Plase and thank you!

  14. Wolf
  15. Dream
    Likes doing Redstone creation
  16. Spiffy
    Alone and Proud
  18. Hydramax
    Hydramax SpiroMarshes
    hi spiro is it ok if i can record on your channel ;)
  19. Im_Slimey
    Could I get unbanned? all I did was say gay.
  20. Im_Slimey