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  1. Amazingloozer
    Amazingloozer SpiroMarshes
    Hi Spiro I recently decided to build a nether portal and travel to the nether so I could gather resources but when I came back out I was teleported to someone else's nether portal and trapped because they had claimed the chunk so I couldn't mine out. Could you please set my XYZ back to spawn coordinates. Thanks, Amazingloozer
  2. Tes1971
  3. _YV_
    purple realm best realm
  4. SquishyPanda0.0
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  5. _YV_
    _YV_ SquishyPanda0.0
    heres a post not related to a ban appeal :D
  6. turnip
    I miss the old swu
  7. AnnaMosity
    AnnaMosity SpiroMarshes
    Hello my ingame name is AnnaMosity & someone went in my storage building & stole my shulkers & some other stuff I had in there!! I don't see how it's all claimed but it happened I would appreciate it if the matter was took care of please & thank you..
    1. MissSinful
      Hi Anna,
      We are sorry to hear that your stuff was stolen from you. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do because we state in our rules that you have to claim your belongings or else it's fair game for others.
      Nov 17, 2019
    2. MissSinful
      We have a very friendly community, and our suggestion would be to reach out and see if anyone is willing to help replace what you lost (not asking multiple times though). If you need help claiming your land please see a staff member in game or through discord and they would be happy to help walk you through it. Have a good night!
      Nov 17, 2019
    3. AnnaMosity
      My land was claimed I don't know how they even got in there? But I guess I'll just leave the server, because I work hard for all my belongings on there & it's crazy that someone can just do that to me.. Have a great day & thx
      Nov 20, 2019
  8. Phoney
    It's Dragon Slayin' Time!
  9. FatFurryFrick
    Who is Joe and what business does he have to do with my dear mother?
  10. klemens
    klemens Wes
    Hello Wes my little brother Maxime14 got banned for hacking when will he be unbanned?
  11. Bennettgames
    Popped onto the server for the first time today! I've been trying to find a good place for multiplayer with a great community and I found it
  12. John Robinson
    John Robinson
    What's the password to join the realm?
  13. sim_z
    I live to respawn
  14. nagasu_dragneel1
  15. Sir_Steve_lV
    Sir_Steve_lV snowvashen
    Go to the multiplayer option when you launch the game. Click on Add server and type in the server ID: Play.SurviveWith.US
    Then click join server or go back to the server list after adding the server and double click the server you would like to join
  16. snowvashen
    I haven't played MC in years. Can someone help me on connecting to the server?
  17. consumingsushi
    Somehow banned, don't know really why lmao
  18. _Artsi_
    Hello! I have trouble navigating through the forums!
  19. phycs
    washing paper plates to save money
  20. MissSinful
    Post your community on our new community thread to keep it active!