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  1. Phoney
    It's Dragon Slayin' Time!
  2. FatFurryFrick
    Who is Joe and what business does he have to do with my dear mother?
  3. klemens
    klemens Wes
    Hello Wes my little brother Maxime14 got banned for hacking when will he be unbanned?
  4. klemens
    klemens _YV_
    Hello YV my little brother Maxime14 got banned for hacking when will he be unbanned?
  5. Bennettgames
    Popped onto the server for the first time today! I've been trying to find a good place for multiplayer with a great community and I found it
  6. John Robinson
    John Robinson
    What's the password to join the realm?
  7. sim_z
    I live to respawn
  8. nagasu_dragneel1
  9. Sir_Steve_lV
    Sir_Steve_lV snowvashen
    Go to the multiplayer option when you launch the game. Click on Add server and type in the server ID: Play.SurviveWith.US
    Then click join server or go back to the server list after adding the server and double click the server you would like to join
  10. snowvashen
    I haven't played MC in years. Can someone help me on connecting to the server?
  11. consumingsushi
    Somehow banned, don't know really why lmao
  12. _Artsi_
    Hello! I have trouble navigating through the forums!
  13. phycs
    washing paper plates to save money
  14. MissSinful
    Post your community on our new community thread to keep it active!
  15. WiseTime
    It’s time to be wise
  16. turnip
    my minecraft name is landmandfjord10 but i like to go as turnip :D
  17. MissSinful
    Check out our new birthday forum thread!! Add your birthday to get a special gift on the big day ;)
  18. Stock
    * you're gonna have a bad time
  19. MrPickles
    I now absorb air through my skin... swimming might be hard.
  20. MrPickles
    I seem to have forgotten how to breath. I am doing external CPR right now. It's hard to do that and play games, so I think imma stop the CPR