This Tuesday, August 9, 2022, is pretty special for SWU, it's our 4 Year Anniversary! Where has the time gone!?

Since our anniversary is on Tuesday, we will be having a 3-Day long SWU Anniversary Holiday Weekend! (Sun - 8/7, Mon - 8/8, Tues 8/9).

We started with a small community, but with your dedicated support, we were able to grow into what we are today. Without your loyalty to SWU we could not have made it to where we are today. We would like to thank each and every survivor for helping make SWU the best server and community around. Here's to another year of fun, laughter, and great SWU memories with many more to come!

Here is the list of events that will be going on:

The weekend event activities that are currently happening will CONTINUE until the end of the day on Tuesday! (Check the announcement in Discord for that)

When fishing this weekend you'll have a chance to catch Ninja AND Dolphin Armor! (Except on Purple)
Auto clickers are still considered hacks - anyone caught using an auto clicker to AFK fish will be banned immediately.
This means you'll have to fish the old-fashioned way. We will not be accepting signs saying "I'm not using an auto clicker" or "I'm not AFK" or anything related to that. You have to be online and present or risk being banned for hacking.

Angry Skeletons!
Monday only, killing skeletons will give you a chance of receiving a random piece of the Angry set!
This applies to every skeleton that's spawned, and the cause of death does not matter. ALL pieces (including the sword) can be obtained. This will not be obtainable on Purple.

Collectible Item & Group Picture!
Log on Tuesday to obtain a special commemorative 4th Anniversary Item! Tuesday @ 5:00 PM EST we will be having a group picture in HUB (maybe some special activities after ;))! Come immortalize yourself in SWU history!

No, we didn't forget...
Hello Survivors!

We will be updating to 1.17 as soon as we are physically able to, and you'll find out as soon as I do. There is nothing SWU-specific that would prevent us from doing so. We will not be making any world changes (expanding the border). Since this will prevent some of the newer things from being found, we will be making the majority of the new building blocks (copper, deepslate, etc) obtainable through the token shop and crates.

1.18 (1.17 part 2) 1.18 is now the update that contains the new major changes to world generation. We will also be updating to 1.18 as soon as we are physically able to. The overworld will not be expanded, nor will they be resetting. I have a much better plan for this that you'll all enjoy a lot more. You'll learn more about that when we announce our 1.18 update. It's highly encouraged that you guys don't speculate about what we're doing for updates. All this does is spread false information. We appreciate your patience and thank you for choosing to survive with us.

Happy Halloween Weekend Survivors!

We have a lot of sweet treats in store for you this weekend!
Halloween weekend is starting early this year.
We have different activities planned throughout the weekend so make sure you're on!

Sunday, October 31, 2021 12:00 AM through 11:59 PM EST

Ghostly Armor!
Log in Sunday, October 31, 2021, and complete the task that will appear in your inventory!
Once the task is completed, you'll receive the Ghostly Armor set! This includes Purple Realm!
If your inventory is full the task will be dropped on the ground beside you. It's best to ensure you have at least 1 available space in your inventory for the start of Sunday's activities!

SWU will be hosting our own trick or treating adventures!
On Halloween (only) make sure to break cobwebs with your swords to see if you'll get a trick or treat!
Our treats range from items to personal boosts to a Halloween themed specialty spawner!
SWU will also be giving away a key just for logging in on Halloween!

Halloween Word Scramble!
Pay attention to chat to compete against other players in your realm!
First person to solve the Halloween themed scramble and correctly type the word wins the round.

Don't Forget about The Donation Store!
Don't forget to grab your updated Halloween goodie crate!
This Halloween crate features a fun new item!
The 50% off store wide sale continues until 11:59 PM EST!

Hello survivors! 1.16 is coming to SWU!

This update brings a whole lot of changes in The Nether! Because of this, we've decided that it would be best to completely reset The Nether in order to give everybody fresh chunks to explore. With this reset, any claims in The Nether are also going to be removed.

Key balances will also be reset with the update (excluding mythical, fun, specialty keys), so please make sure they are used if you want the rewards! We know many of you have been saving up your keys, but in order to ensure a fair experience for everybody, we feel that it's best to give everybody a fresh starting point.

Unfortunately, you will NOT be able to upgrade any SWU items to Netherite variants. We understand most of you wanted this option, but it would be too powerful.

The SWU quest world, Vestrull, will now permanently be open to survivors! For now, there is a limit of 1 quest per day, and the normal quests will still be active too. We will be adding more quests for you to do on a regular basis. For now, you can complete quests in the quest world as well as doing your normal /quests. However, the new quest world will eventually replace the current /quests system.

Since there have been a lot of new items added into the game, we felt it was time to update the Token Shop at spawn. It now includes (20) 1.16 items! Because these items are new, the prices are slightly inflated so that you can’t just get everything from the crate instantly, so choose wisely!

We hope you all have fun Surviving With Us in 1.16!
Hey survivors! 1.15.1 is finally upon us and that means we're updating! In order to expand the world to allow beehives to spawn naturally, we’ll be increasing the borders on each realm. Instead of all at once, we’re just going to increase the border on the yellow realm by 5,000 blocks in order to make sure that 1.15.1 is stable enough to have players generating new terrain (on 1.14, this would cause servers to lag horrendously). Because 1.15 is more of a bug fix update then a content update, we have decided to release our own little content update.

We will now have a voting feature to pass the night in the overworld. Now players will be able to start a vote on passing the night using the command /voteday, and if 75% of the non-afk online players vote, the time will change. If there aren’t enough votes, it will stay night. To avoid spam there will be a 10-minute cooldown timer on the voting command.

Our next cool feature is being able to turn off mob spawning in your claims (NOT usable on the Purple realm). It will cost the player $5,000,000 SpiroBucks to toggle this setting each time, so make sure you know what you want to do unless you want to break your balance. This will only affect mobs that spawn naturally, and will not affect any mobs that spawn from a placed spawner.

The last big change to the server would be how blocks in The End can now be broken and placed (Excluding Purple realm*). This change is mainly to prevent The End from being destroyed like it usually is. The End worlds on ALL realms will also be reset with this update.

If you’re within 500 blocks of (0, 0) in The End, you can only break/place the following blocks:
- Scaffolding
- End Crystals/Stone
- Redstone Items

We hope you like our content updates and can’t wait to see you on the server surviving with us in 1.15.1!
Hello Survivors!

We've been hard at work creating a big update for November, packed full of new content!

In this update, you'll find a new realm, a new spawn, a new crate, a way to monitor any XP or Money boosts that are active, and a new Mob Arena game!

Let's talk about the new Spawn! You suggested and we listened! This new spawn has many new features.

First, Top Map Art! Do you have Map Art that you would like displayed in a public setting? We now have a new area for it!

Second, a newly designed player made Warp area! This new area can accommodate tons of new warps.

Third, crates! We now have a new area to open and explore all of the crates in one location!

Fourth, Player shops and Token shops! Simply click on the villagers to explore all the shops have to offer!

Finally, we get to the Drop Parties! We now have a dedicated area for events! Join your friends and pick up some really cool loot at these special events! The new spawn will bring new adventure to our survivors and cool places to hang out.

Oh did we mention a brand new challenge? Introducing the MOB ARENA! Battle against waves of zombies! Take them on by yourself or bring a friend! The waves will start off slow and slowly progress. Do you have what it takes to get to the top of the leaderboard?

YELLOW REALM: This realm is exactly like Blue, Red, and Green, but is targeted for newer players and will be labeled as the new "Recommended" realm in the hub.

MYTHICAL CRATE: This new premium crate contains special items that give you unique perks while they’re in your inventory!
  • Mythical Book> Once in your inventory, you will either receive 2x EXP Multiplier or 10x EXP Multiplier!
  • Mythical Feather> Having this item in your inventory prevents fall damage!
  • Mythical Apple> Having this in your inventory stops you from losing hunger!
  • Mythical Rabbit’s Foot> Having...
Are you all ready for the big 1.14 update? We certainly are!

We’ve been working hard testing and creating SurviveWithUs 2.0 for the 1.14 update! Now it’s time to leave our beloved 1.12 behind to see the adventures 1.14 has in store for us!

With this update comes a whole lot of changes, not only in Minecraft, but with SurviveWithUs itself! The biggest change that you’ll see upon logging back onto the server is that you’ll be in a brand new place: our new lobby. When you’re in this area, you’ll be able to choose between one of two Realms to play on, Red or Blue. What’s a Realm? To put it simply, realms are completely separate worlds, with their own chats, players, economies, etc. This means items, money, crate keys, claims, etc., will not be transferable between realms. The world you all know and love is hereby known as the Red Realm, and you can get back to your old homes by entering the red portal in the hub. There are also some changes specific to the Red Realm: The Nether and The End worlds have both been fully reset, and the world border has been increased by a massive 25%. Moving to the Blue Realm, It is a brand new experience for adventurers and new players alike. This world has been generated from 1.14 (Starting out with a border of 20k x 20k), this is a completely fresh start for those who want to jump right in and explore the new changes 1.13 and 1.14 have given us. This fresh start means that your balance, playtime, items, etc. won't carry over from what you've done on the Red Realm. The only thing that will not be reset is your donor perks (Ranks/Extra Homes, etc.)

There’s also been a handful of other noteworthy changes, starting with the brand new /playtime system! You’ll now receive more than just a fancy title in-game for spending time on the server. Check out the new in-game menu to see the perks that you’ve unlocked! Keep in mind: playtime is specific to the realm that you’re on, so you'll need to grind out your playtime on whichever...
Good afternoon, Survivors!

Today comes the arrival of a new update: Quests!

What are "Quests", you ask? Well, a quest is essentially a task that you're given, and upon completion, you receive a reward. Every day on the server, you'll receive 5 different quests to complete, ranging from just being active on the server, to killing bosses! If you complete all of your quests, you'll be able to receive an even BIGGER reward!

Have fun questing!
Good afternoon, Survivors!

I have some important information to share with you all. We are excited to announce our brand new event! The Ender Dragon Hunt!

Starting March 23rd, at 3:00 P.M. EST, you will be able to access the world this event is being held in. This will be a new Minecraft world, completely separate from where you're used to playing. The Ender Dragon Hunt is an event where players will race to defeat the Ender Dragon first. Whoever gets the killing blow on the Ender Dragon will win this event. If you get the killing blow, you will have your choice between a $50 voucher towards the Survive With Us Donation Store or $2.5M in-game SpiroBucks.

Event Info:

  • Start Date - 3/23/19 3:00 P.M. EST.
  • PvP is disabled.
  • No homes.
  • No backpack.
  • No claiming.
  • No ./back.
  • No fly
  • No ./shop or economy
  • Keep inventory will be turned off for this event.
  • Teaming is allowed; however, only the player that dishes the killing blow to the Ender Dragon will be eligible to receive the reward.
  • Teleporting to other players will be disabled.
I wish you all luck and hope you enjoy this new event!
With the constant improvements to SurviveWithUs, we are proud to present our brand new forums! Here you will find server news, updates, and announcements. Along with tutorials and guides for the custom plugins, and you will also find an active and growing community.

Welcome, and enjoy!​