Good afternoon, Survivors!

Today comes the arrival of a new update: Quests!

What are "Quests", you ask? Well, a quest is essentially a task that you're given, and upon completion, you receive a reward. Every day on the server, you'll receive 5 different quests to complete, ranging from just being active on the server, to killing bosses! If you complete all of your quests, you'll be able to receive an even BIGGER reward!

Have fun questing!
Good afternoon, Survivors!

I have some important information to share with you all. We are excited to announce our brand new event! The Ender Dragon Hunt!

Starting March 23rd, at 3:00 P.M. EST, you will be able to access the world this event is being held in. This will be a new Minecraft world, completely separate from where you're used to playing. The Ender Dragon Hunt is an event where players will race to defeat the Ender Dragon first. Whoever gets the killing blow on the Ender Dragon will win this event. If you get the killing blow, you will have your choice between a $50 voucher towards the Survive With Us Donation Store or $2.5M in-game SpiroBucks.

Event Info:

  • Start Date - 3/23/19 3:00 P.M. EST.
  • PvP is disabled.
  • No homes.
  • No backpack.
  • No claiming.
  • No ./back.
  • No fly
  • No ./shop or economy
  • Keep inventory will be turned off for this event.
  • Teaming is allowed; however, only the player that dishes the killing blow to the Ender Dragon will be eligible to receive the reward.
  • Teleporting to other players will be disabled.
I wish you all luck and hope you enjoy this new event!
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Welcome, and enjoy!​